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Date10:30 a.m., Sunday, December 15, 2019

(will be carried out even if raining)

Place:Track Field of Arima High School >>Google Maps

Course:Sanda Half Marathon Course(21.0975km)>>Course

Registration Deadline

  a) Internet

  From Monday, July 15, 2019 until Friday, November 8, 2019


  b) Dedicated money transfer form

  Postmarks dated between Monday, July 15, and Friday, October 18, 2019

Eligibility for participation

Over 18-years old (except for high school students) / physically healthy and NO risk of

cardiovascular disease, or cerebrovascular disease. Also, participants should be able to run

21.0975km within 2.5 hours. However, in each section, there is a time limit you have to

follow. For more information about“time-limits,”please read the following.

Time Limit

Participants have a limit of two and half hours for the final goal.

You must meet the appropriate qualifying time listed below in each section.

・From the start to 13.4 km: 1 hour and 40 minutes

・From the start to 18.3 km: 2 hours and 10 minutes

・From the start to goal: 2 hours and 30 minutes

After that time limit, medical facilities, water-station, and refreshments will not be available.

You are not permitted to continue running after the time limit.

Registration Fee ¥4,300

*Once you have been accepted, your entry fees are non-refundable, and non-transferable

under any circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or of your


*If we receive the application form after the deadline, we will deduct ¥1,000 as a procedure

fee and refund the remainder, equivalent to ¥3,300, and your registration is cancelled.

Applications and Inquiries

Head Office of Sanda International Masters Marathon

2-1-1 Miwa, Sanda-City, Hyogo Prefecture, 669-1595

(Culture and Sports Division, Sanda City Hall)

Tel : 079-562-7666 (Weekdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) Fax: 079-563-7776



Post- Race

Awards will be given to only the 1st - 6th places. A prize will be given to all the participants.

All participants who make it to the goal will receive a certificate.

Rules of Participation

  Entrants must comply with the following rules

  Health Management

1. You participate at your own risk and must maintain a healthy condition for the race.

2. Take plenty of rest before the race and be ready with a full healthy condition.

3. Have breakfast on the day and ensure you have sufficiently warmed-up before the race.

4. First-aid will be given to you during the race, but we are not responsible for any damage,

injury or accident afterward.

5. If you are not satisfied and comfortable with your health condition, before or during the

race have the courage to cancel or quit the race for your own sake.

Escort runner

Numbers will be given to an escort runner. Please pick it up at the reception on the day.

Application for Entry Agreement

Your consent is kindly requested to apply for entry by accepting the following points of the

Application for Entry Agreement.

1. A cancellation of your application, a change of the applied event, transfer of rights, change

of the name, etc. based on your convenience shall not be accepted.

2. We cannot refund duplicate payment and wrong payment.

3. When a fee is received after the deadline (owing to a belated date or the excess of the

number limit, etc.), the amount less the charge shall be refunded.

4. The sponsoring organization shall have the sole and whole right to judge and decide on

each case whether or not the competition will be scaled down or cancelled owing to

earthquake, storm and flood damage, snow, happening, accident or contagious disease, or

whether or not the entry fee will be refunded, how much will be refunded, if any, how to be

advised to the payers, etc.

5. The participants are required to be free of heart disease, or any illness and to be fully

trained to participate in this competition. The participants in this competition shall be liable

for any injury, accident, loss, etc.

6. The participants shall follow the instruction of discontinuation at once if and when the

sponsoring organization judges during the competition that the continuation of the

competition is difficult and the participants also shall follow the instruction issued based on

the safety management and/or the general management of the competition.

7. Participants must have a first aid when an injury or sickness happens during the

competition. The sponsoring organization shall not be liable for the aiding method and


8. The participants shall disclaim the responsibility of the sponsoring organization for any

accident, loss, injury, sickness, etc. that took place during the competition and also their

claim for the compensation of a damage, etc.

9. The compensation for an accident, loss, injury, sickness, etc. that may happen during the

competition shall be limited within the amount insured by the sponsoring organization.

10. The participants must have a consent of the family, relatives or the guardian (in case of

minors) or the team member (in case of application in the name of the representative) with

the entry of this competition.

11. A false report with age or sex and the participation of persons in place of true

participants (surrogate participation) shall not be accepted. If such is found, the legitimate

participants shall accept the decision of the sponsoring organization with the cancellation of

the entry and/or commendation, incapacity for the entry of the coming competitions, etc.

The sponsoring organization shall not be liable for any relief, refund of the entry fee, etc.

12. The participants provide consent for any videos or movies, pictures, articles, records, etc.

of the competition (including such personal information as names, ages, sex, records, or

images) which may be reported, appear or be utilized in newspapers, television programs,

magazines, internet or pamphlets and also to that the publishing rights and usufructuary

rights of the above mentioned items shall belong to the sponsoring organization.

13. The management of the personal information of the applicants shall follow the rules of

the sponsoring organization, which is separately mentioned.

14. The participants shall follow the Agreement of the Competition separately ruled by the

sponsoring organization, in addition to the Agreement of the Application for Entry. (If there is

an inconsistency, the Agreement of the Competition can override it.)

Your privacy information

All personally identifiable information, such as names, telephone numbers, and addresses are

protected/confidential in full compliance with all laws and regulations. Only for the purpose of

the improvement of the service for the participants, such as in notified letters to participants

and race results, is personal information used. We reserve the right to contact you according

to the information given on your application form. Personal information of the top 100

finishers among Sanda citizens will be given to the division of Sanda City Office which is in

charge of the sister city races only for the purpose of selecting  guest runners of the races

held in the sister cities of Sanda.

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